President Roy Stott
Vice-President Grady Fuller
Treasurer Len Fuller
Secretary Richard West
Website Larry Wright
Coker Valley Dr. Ollie Winters
Mallard Ct. Ollie Winters
Fern Ct. Ollie Winters
Derby Dr. Willard Martin
Glenbrook Dr. Willard Martin
Wren Ct. Willard Martin
Steeplechase Tr. Ruth Ann Uzzle
Wendy Ct. Ruth Ann Uzzle
Stonehill Ct. Susan Wright
Leanne Ct. TBD
Cross Creek Dr. TBD
Elmbrook Dr. TBD

9 thoughts on “Directors

  1. Larry; Rosa Gabe is not a street. It should have been Leanne Ct. but Frank Lucerno has withdrawn as block capitan

  2. This is our first full calendar year in the neighborhood and we have not heard a word about HOA dues. What is the process for paying the annual dues?

  3. Dear Mr. Farrington,

    Your Closing Company should have explained the dues process at your closing. Included in the closing costs are dues for the year in which you closed. If this was collected, your dues are paid up for that year. Your next year dues of $72 are due prior to the last day of the year, but can be paid anytime before to the SHOA Treasurer. If not paid by December 31, 10% per annum will be assessed. This is explained in the C&R for your street which can be excerpted from our website.

  4. The phone number for the block captain is not correct for Derby Drive. That is my home number and I am not the block captain. Please correct.

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