Covenants & Restrictions

Searchable CNR’s:

Photocopied CNR’s (7 sets broken down into two sets each for size management)




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    1. This website is not set up to process online payments. That may be a future possibility. Until then please mail your payment to the Steeplechase PO Box address. Please click the “contact us” link on the main menu above.

  1. Leaving a check in a P.O. Box seems sketchy. I don’t know how I feel about that. Being able to make secure payments online NEEDS to be a possibility.

  2. Online payments are being setup. Unfortunately, our present bank charges for this service. Other banks are being investigated.

  3. To the Board,
    My questions what’s the difference between the bylaws and covenants? Secondly, these being legal documents registered with Tarrant county? It will take two thirds majority of homeowners to approve any changes. There are 7 bylaws and covenants. These were codensed to one Set through extensive work and given to the HOA. Whose role was to get it approval by the attorney and then the two thirds approval of homeowners. Where’s this document, the previous Board should know? Why was it never pursued to be implemented? Over 5 years ago.
    It needs to be investigated by the present Board. Any information or additional details needed please contact me at my email.
    John H

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