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  1. Whomever sent the mugshot and report on (I am redacting name) is worse than him. What is the agenda? I’m sure he is more embarrassed and this could have been handled quietly. Someone knew our addresses to send this. Shame on the HOA. Take care of business. Disgusting how far people will go to get what they want. Two wrongs don’t make a right or anyone any better!!! I don’t have any personal thoughts on XX xx but I am appalled by the treatment and extent that someone wanted some points.

    1. While I understand wholeheartedly the frustration of Steeplechase homeowner’s, the problem is the sender of the letter regarding the board member, only quoted part of the Texas Property Code.

      Therefore, I am going to quote subsection (b) in its entirety so EVERYONE can accurately determine if there is an issue, but first I would like to say I personally believe that this is a non-issue for the Board because…

      1. It must be have been presented to the board within 20 years.
      a. Since this occured in 1996, this is no longer actionable.


      2. It must have been a felony AND/OR a crime with moral turpitude.
      a. This is a “Class B Misdemeanor 50-500 theft” not a Felony.
      b. Or, the conviction would have had to have “with moral turpitude” attached.
      i. There is no “moral turpitude” conviction in Texas from my research.

      Sec. 209.00591. BOARD MEMBERSHIP.
      (b) If a board is presented with written, documented evidence from a database or other record maintained by a governmental law enforcement authority that a board member was convicted of a felony or crime involving moral turpitude not more than 20 years before the date the board is presented with the evidence, the board member is immediately ineligible to serve on the board of the property owners’ association, automatically considered removed from the board, and prohibited from future service on the board.


      Obviously, this is a sign that you are still perceived in acting in a high-handed manner.

      In my opinion you are STILL misinterpreting the covenants… we have 7 covenantsfor our subdivision and only THE one in that homeowner’s deed / property address is enforcable for that homeowner.

      Unfortunately, because there are different requirements in each of the 7 covenants, the builder rendered some sections unenforcable because EVERY homeowner in our subdivision deserves the same right of property enjoyment under the law… and you should know this too!

      You cannot create 2 legal covenants from the 7 actually attached to each homeowners deed. Please quit combining the legal covenants into 2 documents on the SHOA website. It looks as if you are trying to make the covenants read the way you want to enforce them. It could get the HOA sued.

      Also, you keep trying to make parking an issue… it is unenforcable due to the multiple differences in the covenants… it has been a long time since I looked but I believe the only enforcable parking rule is for trucks of 3/4 tonnage or more – not they weigh more than 1500 pounds but they can handle a payload greater than 1500 pounds. That is my opinion from my research. If you want to be sued then fine people for parking.

      Also, Kennedale only has requirements for public property / public streets, not a homeowner’s private driveway. So quit quoting Kennedale code enforcement incorrectly.

      Please do your research correctly and quit making up what you want to fine on… Have an attorney review your communications… believe me someone could end up suing the HOA. Which could force all of us to reach into our pocketbooks to pay the Attorney fees for the HOA Board’s desire to have the rules the way they want them.

  2. Andrea,

    We placed all of the seven C&Rs on the web site. Due to the size they were broken up into a “A” and a “B” for each of the seven covenants For Example, 1A and 1B make up the C&R No. 1

    Hope this helps

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