HOA General Meeting Minutes – 7.11.22

Kennedale Steeplechase Homeowners Association General Meeting 7 PM July 11, 2022
Faith Assembly of God Church, Arlington TX

All Board Members present: Jonathan Scheffrahn, President Kerrie Mushinski, Vice President

Mike Drybread, Treasurer

Sherry Newton, Secretary

The General Meeting was called to order by Jonathan Scheffrahn. The agenda was presented for all attendees to view.

I. Treasurer’s Report
Mike Drybread read the updated treasurer’s report.

There are currently 182 homeowners who are current out of the 184 in Steeplechase. Only one of those delinquencies is serious, being three years in arrears.

2nd Quarter
Beginning balance: $59,672.52 Ending balance: $55,598.49 *See attached report for detail

Steeplechase HOA is currently in a “break even” scenario. Mike is working diligently to keep costs at a minimum, especially the grounds maintenance for entries and common areas, which are the costliest budget item. Mike is also investigating a possible water leak at the entrance.

  1. Sublett Road Construction Update – Jonathan Scheffrahn, Mike Drybread and Kerrie Mushinski recently met with City of Arlington staff to discuss the upcoming road construction project on Sublett Road which will affect the entrances to our neighborhood. Construction is set to begin October 2022 with completion scheduled for late 2023. Initially, the wooded area across from the entrances will be cleared, followed by draining the pond and raising the road approximately seven feet. The purpose of the change is to improve water flow in the creek between the entrances and improve traffic safety. The newly created area will serve as a greenbelt. It will be flat with grass and no trees to accommodate the drainage area. There will be no flood zone change. Arlington city officials will hold a meeting 1-2 weeks before construction begins to answer questions. Make sure your contact information is up to date to get the email notification. All interested homeowners may follow the progress on the city of Arlington website.
  2. Directory Update – The current version of the Steeplechase HOA directory is the April 2022 version. 90% of all residents have agreed to be listed in the directory. This is a great way for us to look out for our neighbors and welcome newcomers to the neighborhood. If you have not signed up and would like to, please email Johnathan Scheffrahn.
  3. Alta Apartment Concerns

Several homeowners in attendance raised concerns about the Alta Apartment development adjacent to the Coker Valley and Derby Drive residents. The concerns were heard by the newly elected Mayor and Steeplechase resident, Hollis Matthews, along with the City Manager, Darrell Hull. The chief of police, Mike Holguin, was also in attendance.

Major concerns discussed were lighting, trash bins, and the lack of a guard rail on the fence line that connects directly to homeowners’ backyards. Residents are encouraged to direct all concerns to City Manager Darrell Hull at: