Monthly Archives: July 2020


Both the City of Kennedale and Steeplechase C&R’s prohibit parking of large vehicles overnight on the streets and driveways within Steeplechase. The Steeplechase Board of Directors has decided to reduce enforcement and permit time to upload and download large vehicles such as RV’s, motor homes, moving vans, and large trailers that require maintenance and uploading/downloading. The time allotted as determined by the Board is 72 hours. Residents utilizing this time will be required to report in advance to the Board the arrival and departure times by email, text or letter. If these times are exceeded, residents will be subject to the fine schedule posted on the website.

Note that the City of Kennedale may or may not adhere to this enforcement reduction. If the City chooses, they may assess a fine of up to $500.00. Until such time an agreement is made, it is suggested that homeowners also coordinate parking with the City in advance.