Monthly Archives: April 2019

Creek Maintenance


Several neighbors have complained about the blockages along the creek behind homeowners’ houses. It is indeed an eyesore which needs to be cleaned up. The SHOA Board of Directors have viewed this debris and have taken the following steps to help neighbors in this cleanup. With the understanding of your responsibility to maintain your yards in a neat and proper manner, it represents a violation of our Covenants and Restrictions and acts as a possible blockage of water flow.

  1. The City Manager of Kennedale has been contacted regarding
    responsibility of maintenance of the creek area. In their reply, the City provided Plats of the Subdivision which were filed with Tarrant County at the time the subdivision was created. According to the Plats for the Subdivision (, the drainage areas of the Creek are designated as a special Easement and the property owners are responsible for the maintenance of the Easement.
  2. Article 5 Section 13 of the HOA Covenants and Restrictions specifies
    that Lawns be kept in a neat and attractive manner. Otherwise the HOA can solicit cleanup and demand reimbursement by the owner.

Affected Homeowners, please inform the Board of Directors of your schedule for debris removal and mowing of your responsible areas.

Your cooperation will be appreciated.

Best Regards,

SHOA Board of Directors

Dog Walking

Those who like to walk their dogs, please carry a pooper-scooper with you and clean up after the dogs. Homeowners will appreciate it! Also, please respect other residents’ property even if not fenced. Please become familiar with our Covenants and Restrictions so that all can abide by them. You can find your set in the Documents section.