Monthly Archives: August 2015

New HOA Website

The new Steeplechase Homeowners Association was released today August 15th 2015. We welcome any feedback or suggestions by leaving a comment below or clicking the Contact Us link on the main menu above. We hope you enjoy this new site. Some sections are still being developed and new functionality will be added periodically. If there is anything specifically that you need, please feel free to contact us.  Be sure to Register using the link at the top of this page so that you receive any communications and are able to participate in resident exercises such as opinion polls or voting.

All residents should consider registering on this site. The advantages are as follows:

– Receive any electronic newsletters and/or communications via email.
– Participate in online polls or voting.
– Participate in the forum.
– Your user name will be displayed whenever providing feedback and comments.
– In the event that stricter website access is implemented, you will already have access.