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Steeplechase residents enjoy a country setting with easy access to major highways in all directions. The Community operates as a Home Owner Association that maintains the entrances and common areas and monitors the established Covenants.

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City-Wide Spring Cleanup

This Saturday, June 11th, Kennedale residents can drop off brush and bulky items at the Progressive Landfill (4144 Dick Price Road) from 8:00 a.m. to noon. You’ll need to show proof of residency with a current water bill and your license. If you’d like more information, please visit: www.cityofkennedale.com/spring

Recent Police Incidents

The following incidents were recently reported to the Kennedale Police Department.

01/20 – Theft $2,500 top $30,000 – 400 block of Glenbrook Drive: At 4:39 a.m. officers responded to a reported stolen vehicle. The owner stated that the vehicle had been stolen from his driveway at 4:15 a.m. and that the key had been left in the unsecured vehicle. The 2015 Honda was valued at $24,000.00.

01/20 – Burglary – 1400 block of Derby Drive: At 7:57 a.m. a victim reported that his vehicle and garage had been burglarized during the overnight hours. Security video showed a male walking into the driveway at 1:28 a.m. The male was followed by a trailing vehicle in the street. The suspect opened the two unlocked vehicles in the driveway and removed a wallet with credit cards and three pair of earphones. The suspect then used the garage door opener in one of the vehicles to open the door and enter the garage. A computer and tools valued at $2,410.00 were removed.

To circumvent burglaries such as these, please consider the following options:

1. If at all possible, park your vehicles within your garage.
2. Never leave a vehicle unlocked no matter where it is parked or what is going on.
3. Never leave your keys in the ignition.
4. If your vehicles cannot be placed in the garage, then park them on your driveway.
5. Consider installing motion detector lights and security cameras on your front perimeter.

Christmas Lights Removal

On Saturday, January 9th, the HOA Board will be removing the Christmas Lights at the Steeplechase Estates Entrances on Coker Valley and Steeplechase Trail. We plan on starting at 2:00 p.m. The work takes about 2 hours. Any help from our HOA members would be appreciated.



Due to the cold weather and wind chill factor, the board has decided to rescheduled the removal of the Christmas lights at the HOA entrances. We will meet this Friday afternoon, January 15th around 3:00 p.m. to begin the removal of the Christmas lights and if needed complete the work on Saturday, January 16th at 2:00 p.m. Any help from our HOA members would be appreciated.

Vehicle vandalism

Last night 1/3/2016 on Steeplechase Trail, someone shot at least two vehicles with an air rifle or something. Both vehicles were hit two or three times which took off the paint and left some nice divots. One vehicle also suffered a shattered rear window. Both were parked on the street. A report was made with the Kennedale Police Department. Everyone please watch your vehicles and try to park them in your driveway for better security.

Sublett Road Expansion


The following fax was sent to the Arlington City Manager regarding the Sublett Road expansion. Please use this as an incentive to write, call or fax the Arlington City Manager to plead our case!


September 21, 2015

Arlington City Managers Office

Subject: Kroger/Sublett Road Expansion

Dear Sir:

It is our understanding that over the past 20 years, negotiations have taken place between the Cities of Kennedale and Arlington regarding improvement of Sublett Road West of Hwy 287/Sublett intersection. Kennedale has made drastic improvements to Sublett Rd. from its city limits westward but alas, Arlington has made no improvements other than re-pavement of the narrow road. Thus, the residents of Kennedale and Arlington are stuck with the following dangerous condition of Sublett Road.

1. Absolutely no shoulder on the North side.

2. A dangerously narrow bridge with no provision for pedestrian traffic.

3. Arlington non-bussed school children and residents must traverse this part of Sublett on their way to Kennedale schools and wait for the bridge to clear before attempting to cross.

4. The narrow bridge has been hit by vehicles on several occasions.

5. Residents are reluctant to attempt crossing the narrow bridge on foot, thereby degrading the capability of “strolling the neighborhood”.

For the Kroger expansion project, please consider extending the Sublett Road improvement westward to the Kennedale City Limit and replacing the dangerous bridge.

Thanks for your consideration,

Obie G. Fuller
1254 Elmbrook Drive
Kennedale, TX 76060



City Manager Yelverton asked the Department … View more of Public Works & Transportation to respond to your question regarding road improvements on Sublett Road.

Negotiations are still ongoing with Kroger so nothing is definite at this time. If agreements are reached with Kroger they will construct Sublett adjacent to their site and the city has been looking into funding options to construct the remaining section of Sublett to the West city limit line. This section would include a new culvert under Sublett Road and allow for sidewalks on both sides of the roadway to allow for safe passage of pedestrians in this area.

Funding is a challenge since this section of Sublett Road was not approved in the 2014 Street Bond Program approved by the citizens on Arlington.

Please free to contact me should you have any further questions.

Keith Melton, P.E.
Director of Public Works & Transportation